Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Mastitis kept me from doing P90X yesterday. Today, I made up for it.

Today was Plyometrics. The main P90X dude said it was high impact jump training. This appears to mean OMFG you are going to squat and jump and squat more and WHAT?!? THERE ARE STILL THIRTY MINUTES LEFT?!?!?!?

It was hard. Super hard.

I made it, though. Barely, but I did.

Rhiannon was the cutest thing ever. She declared herself my personal cheerleader, and sat on the couch yelling, "Go, Mommy! You can do it!" If I stopped for a second, she'd go, "Mommy! Do that stuff!"

I still ache from Sunday's Ab Ripper X. Still. Annnddd, I'm supposed to do it again tomorrow. :/ Along with...um...Shoulders and Arms, I believe.

P90X has been an amazing program, though. In all the classes and workouts I did in the gym, I was never this challenged. I'm pretty impressed so far.

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